Three Wise Monkeys: Couple Portrait
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Three Wise Monkeys: Couple Portrait

This quirky wedding photograph featuring a collage of six portraits captured at a garden wedding.

These pictures showcase a common theme for many of my events. The first time I captured photos similar to this one was when I was taking self-portraits before a speaking engagement at a national photography convention. The convention organizer had asked me for a portrait for the program materials.

Now this may be difficult for you to appreciate, but I hate being photographed. When I was younger, I was athletic, skinnier, and I still had my hair. That's why I probably don't like what I see in personal photographs.

As I tried to create a serious self portrait, I realized that I didn't like the photographs nor did I feel the images spoke to my personality. And that's when I decided to do a See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil pose.

Those three photographs became my Facebook cover photo and the Hear No Evil version became the photograph that I use for all speaking engagements and all of my online branding.

Later, while I was photographing an engagement session, a couple asked me to take similar photographs for them and since then, I've often asked my clients to pose using the famous See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil pose.

For clients that are sedate and serious (as is the case here), the photo is ironic. For clients who walk a bit closer to the wild side, it's a fun way to show personal expression.