Wedding Cake Cutting: Frosting Fun
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Wedding Cake Cutting: Frosting Fun

Many wedding receptions include the cake cutting tradition. Couples often enjoy this treat.

Although some couples choose cupcakes, pies, or even dessert stations over wedding cakes, cake cutting is still a popular tradition for most Western ceremonies.

Rumor has it that the tradition dates back to Roman times when the groom would break bread over the bride's head.

According to some sources, modern cake cutting has traditions within the tradition. For example, the groom's hand should cover the bride's hands symbolizing his support for her and their family. Also, when you cut the bottom tier of the cake, that's in support of relationship longevity. And by feeding each other, that's another commitment to taking care of each other.

After cutting off that single slice additional cutting is usually left up to the catering team who take the cake away and then come back with plated cakes for everyone.