Wedding Reception Sweetheart Table
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Wedding Reception Sweetheart Table

As a wedding photographer, it's our job to capture "normal" photographs during events. I take that responsibility seriously.

However, as time permits, I'm sometimes lead to create images that are unexpected. For me, candid storytelling images that feature unique compositions are most memorable.

One way to create a unique composition is to find a position that is not at eye level. In other words, I will often crouch or lay down in order to create a different perspective on a scene. Likewise, if I can find a high vantage point that also the perspective.

In this example, the sweetheart table was located near the eave of the wedding venue building. After visualizing this photograph, I went inside, found the site manager, and asked him if he would let me go out onto the roof.

He agreed, and I found the appropriate position. Looking down, I saw the bride and groom looking out at their guests. I wanted more interaction from the both of them and so I called down and asked them to look at each other. I took my first photograph.

Then I wanted more so I asked them to kiss. But there was still something missing. And so I asked the groom to pick up his wine glass with his left hand and hold it in front of him. This action and pose then gives the appearance that the kiss was not directed since it appears that the groom was lifting his class and then spontaneously leaned over to kiss his new wife.

This kind of basic direction is typical in many of my photographs. As time passes, my clients forget that I directed the moments and instead revel in the feelings they had during that part of their celebration.