Santa Anita Park Wedding Photographer

Santa Anita Park Wedding Photographer

This wedding ceremony was held in front of the Seabiscuit statue in the walking ring at Seabiscuit Court at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia. Seabiscuit was a champion racehorse that was an unlikely champion during the days of The Great Depression. You might remember the 2003 film about Seabiscuit; it was nominated for an Academy Award and many scenes were filmed at Santa Anita. The groom is an avid race fan and the couple decided to have their Officiant perform their ceremony in this very recognizable location. My most vivid memory of this wedding was when I was photographing the bride in front of a paddock containing the horse Fighting Furrari that starred in the primary role in the most-recent Seabiscuit film. The horse was very interested in the bride's bouquet and actually tried to nibble at the flowers. I had to warn the bride to move so that the horse wouldn't eat any of the flowers. Of course that was many years ago. If I was photographing that same wedding today, I'm fairly certain that I would have figured out a way to save the bride's bouquet but perhaps offer up a bridesmaid's bouquet instead. And I'm sure that if I could have made that happen, THAT would have been amazing wedding photograph. The Santa Anita Park Racetrack is located in Arcadia, California. Phone: (626) 574-6400. Website:

Location: 285 W Huntington Dr, Arcadia, CA 91007.

1/250; f/10.0; ISO 100; 28.0 mm.