Altadena Town & Country Club Wedding Reception Toast
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Altadena Town & Country Club Wedding Reception Toast

Perhaps you may not see anything incredibly significant about this reception photograph from Altadena Town & Country Club, but if you are a wedding photographer you would know that this was an incredibly difficult capture. 

First of all, the wedding party is seated in front of a set of large windows which creates a difficult lighting condition that requires careful work in order to handle properly. That being said, the more difficult element is the decisive moment in anticipation that was required to capture it. As my fellow wedding photographers can attest, when people raise their glasses to toast one another, it's incredibly rare to be able to find a moment where the most important individuals do not have their faces blocked by a glass. It's human nature to raise a glass in front of your face when you're making a toast and so without a perfect angle, it's naturally difficult to take a picture that shows this moment beautifully. 

And, although a few faces are blocked in this photograph, the most important subjects are clearly visible and even the subjects that aren't visible lend a certain natural dissonance to the image that I find quite pleasing. Altadena Town & Country Club is located in Altadena, California. Phone: (626) 794-7163. Website: Contact Person: Sandy Phermsangngam, (626) 794-7163 x219,

Location: 2290 Country Club Dr, Altadena, CA 91001.

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