Amazing Gay Wedding at Riviera Palm Springs Hotel
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Amazing Gay Wedding at Riviera Palm Springs Hotel

This wedding recessional photograph of a gay couple at the Riviera Palm Springs Hotel in Palm Springs, California was from the first wedding that I photographed at this spectacular location. There are several reasons why this particular recessional photograph stands out from the hundreds of other recessionals that I've covered over the years. 

First of all, I love how the grooms are both so ecstatically happy. The joy is apparent in their faces. Next, I really enjoy how they are both looking in different directions, each toward their "side" of the guests. An additional consideration, that you may not have considered, is that all of the guests seated on the aisles are wearing subdued colors and solid patterns. If you aren't in our industry, you might not think that uncommon. But as a wedding photographer who has photographed hundreds of ceremonies, let me share that it is a rare case indeed when someone is not wearing a piece of bright red or pink or blue or white clothing that distracts from the couple in wedding ceremony photographs.

Although it is not always been the case, I tend to be pretty apolitical these days. However, one of the few areas where I do speak my mind relates to marriage equality. In that matter, as is probably obvious from this photograph, I'm a strong proponent. To prevent two individuals who are in love from committing to each other legally and in front of their friends and family is unfair and to me is an issue of human rights. That being said, we live in America and we are a country of laws. As citizens, we have the right to free speech and so to those folks who do not believe in marriage equality, I say that you are welcome to your opinions and you have every right to share them. In fact, I see my time in the Marine Corps was my contribution to allowing you those and other freedoms. But I also want to be clear that I will do everything I can to ensure marriage equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender couples everywhere. Riviera Palm Springs Hotel is located in Palm Springs, California.

Location: 1600 N Indian Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262.

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