AT&T Center Rooftop Wedding Photographs
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AT&T Center Rooftop Wedding Photographs

I captured this highly dynamic wedding photo on the rooftop helopad at the AT&T Center in downtown Los Angeles.

These were some of the last individual portraits that I took of this couple for their amazing event. As you may be able to tell from the light in this photograph, we were nearing Sunset and I was losing like quickly. However this couple was very playful, and I wanted to do something with them that would illustrate the playfulness in their photographs. I first instructed the groom to grab the veil and walk away from his bride. 

Then I asked him simply to be playful with the veil and to be careful not to pull it from her hair. However, perhaps as you might expect, the groom didn't really know what that instruction meant because how often is a man asked to play with a bride's veil. So in this instance I gave him very specific instructions about how to hold the veil, how to stand in relation to the bride, and how I wanted him to interact with her. Once I had all of those elements in place, I simply walked around the bridegroom as they interacted with each other and captured quite a few really amazing photographs. This was my favorite from the series.

There many times as a wedding photographer when I have to work quickly. As I mentioned, we were losing like rapidly and so I had to work quickly to take advantage of both the light, the sunset colors, and our limited access to the rooftop location. Working at the AT&T Center is a real treat so my intent was to not only capture the essence of that wedding venue, but also capture the essence of what it was like to see downtown Los Angeles up close and personal.

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Location: 1150 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90015.

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