Best Friend Bridesmaids at Pasadena City Hall
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Best Friend Bridesmaids at Pasadena City Hall

This photograph of these lovely bridesmaids gathered around their bride is the kind of image that my clients love simply because it gathers together a bride's best friends into a single photograph where they are very close together. I take this photograph at most every wedding, and although the posing and positioning may initially feel awkward, this often becomes the most shared photograph of all of the images that I will create a wedding. Part of the key to getting a natural photograph is to ensure that the wedding party is comfortable with me. When that happens, there comfortable for the camera because they are confident that whatever I create will be great and will not reflect negatively on them.

Pasadena City Hall is located in California. Pasadena, California. Phone: (626) 744-4000. Website:

Location: 100 N Garfield Ave, Pasadena, CA 91109.

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