Best Man Presents Ring Lindley-Scott House Ceremony
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Best Man Presents Ring Lindley-Scott House Ceremony

At some time during every wedding ceremony, the Officiant will ask for the wedding rings. In many cases, those rings are held by the best man. At the majority of weddings that I photograph, is rare to capture a photo of the best man handing over the rings. More often than not, there actually seems to be some kind of strategy to hide the rings as they are passed from the best man to the groom or the officiant (depending on the ceremony). For this Lindley-Scott House wedding ceremony, I decided that I wanted to try something a little bit different. The best man for this event was very outgoing, and so I suggested to him that when he removed the rings from his pocket, that he should present them to the crowd with a display of showmanship. As I predicted, when he did that there was quite a bit of laughter from the wedding guests as well as the officiant. This photograph shares what happened just moments after that presentation of the rings. Lindley-Scott House is located in Azusa, California. Phone: (626) 334-5215. Website:

Location: 720 E Foothill Blvd, Azusa, CA 91702.

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