Bride Descends Stairs at Athenaeum
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Bride Descends Stairs at Athenaeum

Getting married at the Caltech Athenaeum in Pasadena is truly an exceptional experience.

This private venue is only available to Caltech graduates, students, faculty, and their sponsored guests. This gracefully curved stairwell provides access to the three stories of the property. Given this interesting architectural elements, it was only natural for me to photograph the bride descending the stairs. For this photograph, you cannot really see the bride's face, but that is as intended since I wanted to draw the viewer's attention to the lace details in the bride's dress in her chest area and her upper arms. One thing that I also particularly enjoyed about the stairwell, was the wrought iron details. In case you didn't notice, you'll see hearts if you look quite closely.

Another great thing about having your wedding at the Caltech Athenaeum is that you also have access to the campus itself and that leads to great portrait opportunities. Before I moved to my current location, I lived less than a block away from the campus on California Boulevard. That kind of access allowed me to have and create an intimate knowledge of the campus area and the best photographic opportunities. Even if you're not getting married at the Caltech Athenaeum, you can still obtain a permit to be photographed on the campus which is often a great idea if you're looking for a different photo location in Pasadena. The Caltech Athenaeum is located in Pasadena, California.

Location: 551 S Hill Ave, Pasadena, CA 91106.

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