Bride & Groom First Dance During Malibu Wedding
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Bride & Groom First Dance During Malibu Wedding

Whenever I photograph a first dance during a wedding reception I always try to make sure that the wedding guests are visible in the background. One of the reasons that I suggest that the first dance occurs immediately after the grand entrance is that most guests are still attentive and seated. When dances occur later into the reception, that is often the case as individuals will leave to visit other tables, go outside to smoke a cigarette, or may otherwise be absent from their seats which can leave large gaps that aren't aesthetically pleasing to the overall composition. For this image I also enjoy the expanse of the large tree with the paper lantern tong in various areas. It was my understanding that it was quite a task to hang those lanterns and that the bride was very happy to see my photography showcase the many of them in a single photograph. One of the nice things about this image is the white dance floor. Although I'm not certain that I agree, some experts feel that a white dance floor makes for a more elegant presentation when it comes to dancing at weddings. I will admit that it makes for better lighting as the white dance for will bounce the light, but on the other hand a darker dance floor will also serve to keep the focus on the dancers rather than on the floor. This wedding was photographed at a private estate in Malibu, California.

Location: Malibu, California.

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