Bride & Groom French Quarter Wedding Photographs
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Bride & Groom French Quarter Wedding Photographs

Although I'm known as a Los Angeles wedding photographer, I only moved to the Pasadena area in 2011. 

Before that move to California, I spent most of my life living in various Louisiana citites including Pineville, Ruston, Natchiotches, and Lafayette. But none of those cities hold a candle to the true heart of Louisiana which you know as New Orleans. I spent countless Mardi Gras in the French Quarter and visited the city on dozens of other occasions. To help with this in perspective, I feel like that I know the French Quarter just as well as I know my adopted hometown of Pasadena. So it was no small thing, when this couple who are my dear friends flew me to the Deep South to photograph their wedding. 

I typically avoid destination weddings but this was an exception is I'll do anything for my friends. Besides, I love the idea of returning to New Orleans to photograph a wedding in an area that I knew so well. So if you're looking for a destination wedding photographer in Louisiana, then you've certainly found the right guy. Nowhere else will you find a photographer with a Louisiana background and West Coast sensibilities and artistic flair — particularly if you live in Lafayette.

For this very simple photograph of the bride and groom I loved the color harmonies present including the muted green doors and the red brick of the sidewalk combined with the neutral tan wall behind the couple. Additionally, you may note the perfect symmetry which is a signature, trademark style of my wedding photography. The French Quarter is located in New Orleans, LA. Website:

Location: French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana.

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