Bride & Groom after San Ysidro Ranch Wedding Ceremony
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Bride & Groom after San Ysidro Ranch Wedding Ceremony

This photograph of a bridegroom sitting in the lobby of the San Ysidro Ranch before their wedding ceremony captures some of the essence of this particular property and the careful consideration that has gone into the styling of the public areas. The lobby has a homey feel instead of the more sterile appearance seen in many hotel lobbies — even those that are a boutique offering as is the case at this Montecito location. I'm very happy with the posing of the groom in this image but I wish that I had found a way to soften the bride's pose just a bit as to make her feel somewhat more relaxed in this photograph. However the strength of the rest of the images such that I'm happy to included in my wedding photography portfolio. San Ysidro Ranch is located in Montecito, California. Phone: (805) 565-1702. Website: Contact Person: Usha Atterbury,

Location: 900 San Ysidro Lane, Montecito, CA 93108.

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