Bride Reflected in Driver's Sunglasses at Langham
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Bride Reflected in Driver's Sunglasses at Langham

This wedding photograph was captured in the circular drive at the Langham Pasadena inside a late-model Rolls-Royce. 

The image itself is an excellent example of photojournalism in my capture of a decisive moment. I predicted that the driver, a cousin of the bride, would turn around to say something to her before we left for the wedding ceremony. I got in position, and held my camera ready waiting for that moment. The cousin turned, and my image was made real. I was fortunate in the expressions of all three of them as that is not always the case. As an aside, I had often wondered why so many people felt so enamored with the Rolls-Royce automobile. However, my experience had always been with early models of that car. This late-model example though was the most luxurious ride I've ever had in any auto. In fact, it was so awesome, that almost didn't seem fair that I was working.

Creating photographs inside automobiles is never easy. As a wedding photographer, I'm working inside a closed space that allows for little movement. As additional consideration, I must typically use my widest angle lens and it often doesn't seem to be wide enough. And because of the distortion that comes with using a wide-angle lens, I have to be very careful about my compositions to make sure that my subjects aren't presented in an unflattering way. In addition to those considerations, I also have to attempt to balance the interior light and exterior light so as to minimize distractions and keep the viewers focus on the important elements of the photograph.

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