Bride Waiting at Ebell of Los Angeles
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Bride Waiting at Ebell of Los Angeles

Wedding photographers around the world have posed the bride looking out a window at some time in their career. And I'm sure that I have done it myself hundreds of times. But I felt that this image was different than others in that many things aligned to make it more unique than might otherwise be the case for these kinds of photographs. This image was captured at the Ebell of Los Angeles and features of their huge front windows. By carefully framing the subject within one of the panes I was able to isolate her head and shoulders and provide dimensionality. By turning her slightly, I was able to allow light to graze the back of her dress and expose the details found their. The light reflecting off of the natural wood floors serves to draw the viewer's eye into the frame. The intent of this image is to have the viewer wonder at what the bride is looking at or thinking about as she peers the window. In many cases, we photographers could tell some story about how she was wedding for her groom or that she was looking for her lost father or that she was thinking about spending a lifetime with someone else. But let me satisfy your curiosity and state that she was just thinking about holding her arms a certain way because I was telling her to hold her arms a certain way. But the beauty of wedding photography is that she won't remember my instructions and instead think about how pretty she looked in her wedding dress. That is the joy of storytelling through photography. Ebell of Los Angeles is located in downtown Los Angeles, California. Phone: (323) 931-1277. Website:

Location: 743 S Lucerne Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90005.

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