Bridesmaids & Parents Photograph Bride at Annandale
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Bridesmaids & Parents Photograph Bride at Annandale

This photograph of the bridesmaids and the brie's mother was taken in the conference room (converted into the bride's getting ready room) at the Annandale Golf Club in Pasadena.

I certainly manipulated this photograph and made it happen because I asked the bride to stand near the window and I posed her gracefully. Then I suggested to the bridesmaids and the mother the they should take a photograph of the bride since she was so perfectly posed. They thought that was a great idea, and so they all lined up with their iPhones. Or Android devices. Then I snapped this photograph. I think that what makes this photograph fun for me, is the fact that I can see every persons face in this photograph and they're all smiling happily as they capture their own image of one of their best friends.

Although this room is very large, one thing that I wish I had made clear for the event was that all extraneous furniture should have been removed. In this case, there were dozens of huge office chairs scattered around the room which made it difficult to shoot certain angles because of the clutter. Now that's not to say that I didn't find a way to create pretty photos, but my options would've been expanded if there was more room for me to work. One of the reasons why my getting ready photos are so clean in appearance, is that I spend time clearing shelves, tables, and generally making the background look as appealing as possible. And that often includes moving furniture to create open spaces. If venue staff takes care of those things before I arrive, then that means I can spend more time taking photographs rather than rearranging furniture. But that's really just a wish and a dream, as I know I'll be moving furniture on a wedding day for the rest of my life. Unless I'm working in the conference room of the Annandale Golf Club. In that case I'll know next time to mention moving those chairs.

Location: 1 N San Rafael Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105.

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