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Cerritos Sculpture Garden Wedding Photographer

One of my differentiators as a wedding photographer is that I'm known for my quirky images of brides and grooms. 

When I began photographing the wedding party before the ceremony at the Cerritos Sculpture Garden in Cerritos, I tried to take an overview of the scene in order to come up with ideas that were unexpected. There are not many areas in Cerritos where you can conveniently take a wedding party for portraits. As such, this is a popular location and I didn't want to create images similar to other photographers who had come before me.

When creating this photograph, I broke several rules of posing. For example, both the bride and groom are facing the camera straight on instead of presenting themselves in an angle which is typically more flattering. However, for me, and angle is more expected and thus wouldn't have been as interesting in this photograph. I created several versions of this image both with the couple together and apart as seen here. I felt the stronger version was the one with the couple apart since the sculpture element seems to connect them in an architectural way. The sculpture itself was on a raised levy which allowed me to move some distance away and photograph the couple from an apparent ground-level position (even though I was only squatting down a few inches).

Cerritos Sculpture Garden is located in Cerritos, California. Phone: (562) 860-0311. Website: http://www.cerritos.us/VISITORS/art_in_public_places/cerritos_sculpture_garden.php.

Location: 18125 Bloomfield Ave, Cerritos, CA 90703.

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