Cool Groom's with Special Socks at Smog Shoppe Wedding
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Cool Groom's with Special Socks at Smog Shoppe Wedding

Make a groom look good on his wedding day is something we all strive to achieve. But making a groom look cool, now that's another matter entirely. 

And what is "cool" for one guy is not cool for another guy. For this groom, who happens to be one of the top bartenders in Los Angeles, I like to consider this portrait sardonically cool. You can view that image this way, or you can consider it a detail of the groom's colorful spotted socks.

I captured this photograph on the steps leading up to the balcony area of the SmogShoppe in Los Angeles. This urban venue is a popular wedding location that offers a great solution for family-style wedding receptions. It's also a great choice for couples who love succulents. The owners of this venue have done a great job in covering the cinderblock walls of the compound in planters that make a living thing out of something that was once stark and bare. 

In fact, they actually invented a special kind of wall hanging planter just for this kind of purpose and are now marketing it separately like true entrepreneurs. As an interesting aside, this couple chose succulents for their theme not only because of the venue, but because of my landscaping at my home studio. If you visit me, you'll see hundreds of succulent plants in dozens of different varieties. 

And so the bride decided to make her own centerpieces with succulents she purchased from my own wholesaler. What she didn't anticipate was the amount of work involved or the danger. In fact, she cut her thumb deeply when she was preparing one centerpiece causing her to be brought to the emergency room. So on her wedding day, she was sporting a Band-Aid as a reminder of all of the work she had put into creating the decorations for her reception.

SmogShoppe (Smog Shop) is located in Los Angeles, California. Phone: (310) 837-3610. Website:

Location: 2651 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 9003.

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