Couple Listens to Speeches During Wedding Reception
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Couple Listens to Speeches During Wedding Reception

The bride and groom at Ambassador Mansions and Gardens wedding are listening to their parents give speeches during the reception. From a technical perspective, I'm using off-camera lighting to light the subjects as this is an outdoor wedding after sunset. The off-camera lighting provides depth and dimensionality to the subjects and is further supported by the twinkly lights on the bushes behind the couple. In terms of outdoor night reception photography, one piece of advice that I always offer my clients is that lighting is going to be incredibly important. When I'm photographing during daylight hours, objects in the background are lit and so depth of an image is always assured. However, when photographing events at night or in dark venues, there may be some instances where there is no light in the background. In those cases, an image can often appear uninteresting when only the subjects in the foreground are lit in the background is a "big black hole." Therefore, I typically recommend up lights, twinkly lights, and a large number of overhead lights whenever possible. As for spotlights, they can be tricky, so you need to make sure that you hire an experienced lighting professional and you follow their advice wherever possible. The one exception to this would be colored lights. In order to achieve good color balance throughout the scene, I typically recommend that white lights are used for spotlights rather than colored lights that might be in the orange or red spectrum. This is to prevent you from looking like you have a bad spray on tan in your photographs. Ambassador Mansions and Gardens is located in Pasadena, California. Website: Contact Person: Sylvia Noland, (310) 292-5393,

Location: 160 S Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105.

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