Couple with Stilt Walkers at Walt Disney Concert Hall
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Couple with Stilt Walkers at Walt Disney Concert Hall

One of my favorite wedding photography locations is the Walt Disney Concert Hall located in downtown Los Angeles. 

It has so many things to offer a wedding photographer including incredible architecture, spectacular lighting, infinite backgrounds, and of course convenient parking. On any given Saturday, there are dozens of wedding parties that may visit this venue, but due to the size of the location, but that is never a problem because there are always different locations to photograph couples. However, on certain rare occasions, an outdoor event may be scheduled at Disney Hall that takes up many of the areas where I might typically photograph a bride and groom. That was the case on this day. I'll admit that I struggled to work around attendees of the event and still create the kinds of images that are typical of my coverage. However, I soon realized that this was an opportunity, and not a distraction. One of the beautiful things about photographing someone on their wedding day, is that everyone will treat you much nicer than they would on any other day. And so when I asked the stilt walkers to stand next to the bridegroom, they were happy to accommodate. But what really surprised me, was when I asked the stilt walker on the left to jump into the air. To me, that moment made this photograph.

Walt Disney Concert Hall is located in downtown Los Angeles, California. Phone: (213) 972-7565. Website: Contact Person: Rob Carson, (213) 972-7565,

Location: 111 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

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