Crowds at Manhattan Beach Pier Wedding
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Crowds at Manhattan Beach Pier Wedding

This photograph was taken as I was standing under Manhattan Beach Pier on a busy Memorial Day weekend. As you can imagine, I wasn't particularly thrilled with the idea of visiting any beach in the Los Angeles area on a summer weekend much less on a holiday weekend, but I don't get to pick locations and so I embraced the challenge. So as I looked at the beach and the surroundings and considered a way to tell the story of their wedding day I realized that my task was quite simple. Taking a hasty view of the scene, and after taking a guess as to the path of several people walking from the shore to the shoreline, I asked the bridegroom to start walking down the beach. Now in many cases, I will provide direction to a bride and groom asking them to hold hands and look at each other as they walk thereby increasing the likelihood that the viewer will see a connection between the two. However, in this case, because of the rapid way that I sent them off out from under the peer, they weren't holding hands. In the end though, I feel that the lack of physical connection actually works because the scene is not necessarily about the couple and their relationship, but rather it is about the busy, crazy setting of Manhattan Beach on a holiday weekend. I should also mention, that I've felt very lucky that the trajectory of the surfer was such that his eventual position pointed the surfboard directly toward the couple. As for the group of four beachgoers who were looking at me as I took this photograph, some viewers find them distracting. But I actually enjoy how they are staring toward the camera, breaking the fourth wall, and adding an additional dialogue to the photograph. Manhattan Beach Pier is located at Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. Website:

Location: Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266.

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