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Culver Hotel Wedding Photographs

Every wedding photographer that I've ever met loves to photograph couples at the Culver Hotel. I just wish this Culver City landmark was a larger venue and could handle more wedding guests. For this small wedding, it was perfect. I captured this photograph during the cocktail hour in front of this scene setting window. I don't always create photos like these, where the sun creates lens flare as is evident in this photograph, and you won't see many photographs like these in my portfolio, but in this case the flare looks amazing and so I'm happy to include it even though I don't shoot like this very often.

You might think this is amusing but the one thing that troubles me most about this photograph is that the couch is not perfectly centered within the window and I am not perfectly centered on the cross brace running vertically through the middle of the window. You probably didn't even notice that sort of thing when you look at this image — at least until I mentioned it to you. But my sense of symmetry is so strong, that it drives me nuts when something is not quite perfect in my photographs. That level of detail is important to me in the pictures that I create for my clients and that attention to detail is something that you will come to love about my work and my business.

Culver Hotel is located in Culver City, California. Phone: (310) 558-9400. Website: Contact Person: Milena Alumni, (310) 838-7326,

Location: 9400 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232.

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