Downtown Los Angeles Skyline Bride & Groom
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Downtown Los Angeles Skyline Bride & Groom

I captured this photograph on the helopad of the Century City InterContinental located in Los Angeles. It was a particularly clear day and so we had a great view of downtown Los Angeles in the distance. The highly recognizable skyscrapers add to the story of the scene and will also be particularly important in the far future. From a historical perspective, some of the most interesting photographs that you may view over time, are those that provide glimpses into technology or architecture. As the decades pass, skylights change as does the technology of the day and thus images like these take on special significance as Los Angeles continues to evolve. I was also fortunate to see a layer of clouds over the city of Los Angeles as that is not often the case given the weather patterns of the area. I was careful to position the bridegroom in an area of the cloud layer that didn't intersect with their heads providing some breathing space for them and improving the overall compositional characteristics of this wedding photograph. I photographed several weddings at the Century City InterContinental and this was one of my favorites. In fact, anytime I'm in this area I think back to the fact that the he the pad is there waiting for the next couple who would like to get married at that venue and I can't wait to put them up there and take the photographs that I've developed in my mind since I was last at that location. Century City InterContinental is located in Los Angeles, California. Phone: (310) 284-6500. Website: Contact Person: Michelle Sussman,

Location: 151 Avenue of Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067.

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