Family Pet (Dog) Escapes Bride & Groom Portrait
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Family Pet (Dog) Escapes Bride & Groom Portrait

Including the family pet on a wedding day is perfectly natural and highly recommended. Having been the pet owner myself, I understand that your dog or cat or pet goldfish is just as much a part of your family as a child or other close family member. Unfortunately, some venues prevent you from bringing your pet along or you may have a dog that is particularly rambunctious or difficult to control and that may influence your decision. But whenever it is possible, I love to see pets appear at a wedding even if it is only for the family portraits. That being said, a dog walking down the aisle as a ring bearer is always an awesome addition.

As you can probably guess from this photo, this bride and groom's chocolate Labrador Retriever was pretty excited and seem to be more interested in me then and having his photo taken with his owners. And I was okay with that particularly as I captured this photograph on the fly, which was a pretty difficult photograph to do correctly I might add. I should also mention, that I was able to create a very nice portrait of the three of them as well in addition to this more spontaneous, candid, and quirky photo.

This wedding image was captured at a private estate in Malibu that overlooked the Pacific ocean. It was a private location and personal home of a car dealership owner who was a personal friend of the groom.This wedding was photographed at a private estate in Malibu, California.

Location: Malibu, California.

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