Father of Bride Speech during Thursday Club Reception
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Father of Bride Speech during Thursday Club Reception

As the father of the bride delivered his speech during a wedding reception at the La Cañada Thursday Club, he turned out to be quite polished in his delivery.

He had the entire audience laughing throughout. Based upon my experience, great oration is not common among most speakers. However, this was a great example of what a little preparation and great presentation can do to elevate speechmaking during a reception.

Whenever there are speeches during a wedding reception, I prefer to see the speaker positioned next to the bride and groom, preferably within touching distance. I do this for several reasons. First of all, as is seen in this photograph, when the speaker is near the couple, I'm typically able to frame both the speaker and the bride and groom together in a single photograph. 

By doing so, the photograph is better able to tell the story of the moment and give context to what is happening. If I were to photograph the speaker alone, holding a microphone, the image would lack context and the story would not be as powerful. Additionally, I have found that the closer the speaker is to the couple, the more likely that you will see an emotional response either by the speaker, by the couple, or by both. La Cañada Thursday Club is located in La Cañada Flintridge, California.

Location: 4440 Woodleigh Ln, La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011.

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