Funny Wedding Photography at Huron Substation
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Funny Wedding Photography at Huron Substation

I'm still not sure if this wedding photograph is funny, but I'd sure like it to be!

When I was photographing this couple's wedding at Huron Substation near downtown Los Angeles, I noticed this billboard on a nearby side street. The photography itself is pretty atypical of my style in that the background is cluttered and the couple is standing in full sun instead of the open shade that I commonly prefer. If this billboard was in an open field and the time of day more complementary, I feel that I would have an award-winning image. 

However, given the background, it's the kind of photograph that will be interesting to the bride and groom and might be particularly enjoyable to the couple's children thirty or forty years from now. When I'm photographing an event, I often think of not only what might be an interesting photo today, but also what might be interesting years in the future. For example, perhaps in the future overhead power lines will no longer exist. 

Or perhaps the concept of paper billboards might be completely outdated. In any event, this photograph offers a small bit of insight into my mildly ironic and quirky sense of humor. This billboard can be found near Huron Substation in Los Angeles, California. Phone: (323) 225-8909. Website:

Location: 2640 Huron St, Los Angeles, CA 90065.

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