Gay Couple Cut Wedding Cake at Riviera Palm Springs
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Gay Couple Cut Wedding Cake at Riviera Palm Springs

It's actually fairly rare that I fall in love with a cake cutting photograph, but for this couple at their Riviera Palm Springs wedding I really enjoyed this image. First of all, the background of consistent green foliage behind the couple served as a lovely backdrop to their reception tradition. There expressions and laughter are completely natural and serve to share the story of the joy that they feel as they cut their cake. I was also very fortunate in the lighting in that I was able to position and off-camera flash near this location before the tradition occurred allowing me to create the interesting light that you see here. Another fact that you may not have considered was the fact that the two grooms are wearing tuxedos that still look very fresh. On many occasions, when it's time to cut the cake, hair and makeup is not cooperating a longer and often the bride or groom's apparel is not as perfect as it once was earlier in the day. For these gay grooms, that is not an issue. As someone who has extremely short hair himself, I can attest the fact that not having to worry about wind or sweat or being away from a comb for any length of time can certainly improve one's confidence that your hair is always in the correct place. Riviera Palm Springs is located in Palm Springs, California.

Location: 1600 N Indian Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262.

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