Groom Assists Father Tying Tie at Westin Pasadena
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Groom Assists Father Tying Tie at Westin Pasadena

Creating a visual story is what I do best. And as a wedding photographer, my job is to first make sure that my clients, their friends, and their family, always look beautiful. 

At the same time, I need to create images that are both interesting and relate to viewers in ways that are easily understood. For example, in this getting ready photograph at the Westin Pasadena, most viewers would immediately understand that the groom was helping his father with his tie. As a secondary story, if we look deeper into the image, we would know that there are seven groomsmen and a ringbearer based on the jackets hanging on the plantation shutters in the hotel room.

The story of the groom helping his father tie his tie is true. That really happened without my direction. However, when I arrived in the suite at the Westin Pasadena I hung those jackets on the plantation shutters with the assistance of several groomsmen knowing that they would eventually be featured in the background of several of my photographs. For this particular image, I saw the groom start to adjust his father's tie but he was doing so in a cluttered part of the room that featured an unattractive background. So I asked the groom and his father to stand inside this alcove within the suite to continue the tie tying process. Then I found the most symmetrical angle for this photograph and simply pressed the shutter on my camera.

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