Groom Breaks Glass at La Venta Inn Jewish Wedding
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Groom Breaks Glass at La Venta Inn Jewish Wedding

"Mazel tov!" I photograph weddings featuring cultures and traditions from around the world but this image at the La Venta Inn is likely immediately recognizable as the breaking of the glass during a Jewish wedding ceremony. Although you may think this is an easy photograph to capture there are many things to consider in this kind of situation. The placing of the glass and the stepping on the glass actually occur in the span of just a few short seconds and because the angle of the groom is not always perpendicular to the audience, where I stand during that moment is particularly important in I might need to shift to the left or right several feet in order to get the appropriate angle for this particular kind of image. I must also time the groom lifting his legs so that I show it at its maximum height in order to relate the story that he is about to stomp down on the glass. If I do it a moment earlier or a moment later, the story loses quite a bit of impact. My experience in photographing countless Jewish wedding traditions over the years has enabled me to become quite good at capturing this moment for posterity. La Venta Inn is located in Palos Verdes Estates, California. Phone: (310) 373-0123. Website:

Location: 796 Vía Del Monte, Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274.

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