Groom Breaks Rules at Annandale Golf Club Wedding
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Groom Breaks Rules at Annandale Golf Club Wedding

The Annandale Golf Club is a private golf course with a rich Pasadena history.

This couple held their spring wedding at this spectacular venue is only available to members and sponsored individuals. In this case, the groom is a member and the couple actually lives on the course. In fact, the groom is an amazing golfer with a two handicap and who has won the course championship on multiple occasions. My best memory from this wedding is something the groom said to me as I was leaving the event after having completed my wedding photography coverage. He said, "Being photographed by you was the best part of our wedding day." I was floored by that statement. Was he serious or was he simply exaggerating in a complement to my services? It turns out that it actually was a serious statement. Apparently he had the most fun on his wedding day as I took him and his fiancée around the course and photograph them in some of the more scenic areas. We really had a great time, and that influenced his feelings about the wedding day itself.

This photograph was an ironic homage to the trite picutre of a couple standing in front of a heart that they drew in the sand on a beach. First of all, if you're not a golf fan, you may not be aware that sand traps must always be perfectly raked and that if you enter a trap, you must rake your footprints away so that you leave no trace. This is to ensure that the golfers who follow you will not be put to any disadvantage if there golfball ends up in the sand trap. So for golfer to purposefully create a pattern in the sand trap, particularly when the golfer is a member of that club and the club is very particular about their course, then his actions might be viewed as particularly amusing.

Location: 1 N San Rafael Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105.

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