Groom Hugs Mother at Storrier-Stearns Japanese Garden
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Groom Hugs Mother at Storrier-Stearns Japanese Garden

Before this Pasadena wedding at the Storrier-Stearns Japanese Garden, I was photographing the groom getting ready in front of a window at his parents' home. His mother was standing nearby watching as I photographed him go through the process of tying his tie. I noticed how lovingly she was looking at him, and so I suggested that she step forward and give him a hug. This photograph is the result of that small direction. Special moments like these sometimes happen naturally, but I more than happy to help them along the way whenever it's possible. I love how tightly the mother is holding onto her son while the groom is seemingly bemused by the whole situation. I chose to make this photograph black-and-white to help reduce the likelihood that viewers would notice that the mother is wearing casual close and has not yet changed for the wedding itself. Later that day, during the wedding ceremony at Storrier-Stearns Japanese Garden, the mother of the groom never showed this measure of emotion and so I was glad that I was able to capture this very special moment earlier in the day. Pasadena weddings are always a pleasure as they are so near my home studio, and this day was no different. Storrier-Stearns Japanese Garden is in Pasadena, California.

Location: 270 Arlington Dr, Pasadena, CA 91105.

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