Groom Writes Bride Letter at Millennium Biltmore Hotel
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Groom Writes Bride Letter at Millennium Biltmore Hotel

This Los Angeles groom was photographed sitting at a table in his suite at the downtown Millennium Biltmore Hotel as he wrote a letter to his bride. It was a fairly quiet moment, with just he and I present in the room and so I just took a few photographs to document the moment. I did notice the mirror like reflections on the large conference table in the room and use them to my advantage in capturing both the groom and the colorful painting on the wall. If you've never been to the Millennium Biltmore Hotel you really must visit. It has appeared in countless television shows and movies and is still one of the grand hotels of Los Angeles. Although I don't frequently photograph actual weddings at this venue, countless couples have gotten ready here before they have gone on to their wedding locations nearby. Millennium Biltmore Hotel is located in downtown Los Angeles, California. Phone: (213) 624-1011. Website: Contact Person: Sari Rose, (213) 612-1529,

Location: 506 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90014.

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