Groomsmen Jumping at Padua Hills Theatre in Claremont
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Groomsmen Jumping at Padua Hills Theatre in Claremont

Some wedding parties are bit more crazy than others and I'll bet that you can guess where this set of groomsmen land on that scale.

The Padua Hills Thetre doesn't offer very many locations where I could spread out a wedding party and create an image like this, so instead I moved the guys into the street for this photograph. It was a bonus that the cool street sign was in the background that I was able to put them on either side of it. There are three things that make a great jumping photograph. First, is the height of the jump. As you'll see here, it looks like all of my subjects are extremely athletic and have great vertical height capabilities. But that's simply not true. I have a way to coach folks into making sure that they shine in terms of getting the maximum lift. The second part of a great jumping photograph is the expression. 

And for that part of the photograph, I have special instructions as well that will garner the best expressions from the subjects in the photograph. The final thing that creates a great jump photograph of a group, is that they all do it together perfectly. Again, since other photographers may be reading this description, I will keep my method secret but suffice it to say that any group that wants to do a jumping photograph, regardless of who they are or how active they are will be perfectly covered in such a way as to create an image very similar to the one that you see here. Now I've explained a jumping photo, let me also mention that if you don't think this kind of photograph is appropriate for your wedding, that's totally fine with me too. I only want to create photographs that are representative of you, your friends, and your family.

Padua Hills Theatre is located in Claremont, California. Phone: (909) 624-8628. Website:

Location: 4467 Padua Ave, Claremont, CA 91711.

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