Hillcrest Congregational Church Weddings
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Hillcrest Congregational Church Weddings

Perhaps not surprisingly, Hillcrest Congregational Church is located on a hill above La Habra Heights. 

It has a mid century modern feel with a large congregation area. I captured this photograph of the groom standing in the lobby outside the main ceremony area as he stood pensively waiting for the wedding to begin and for his life with his young love to continue. In addition to the literal message that is easily supplied by the cross hanging on the wall, there's also an intentional ironic message as well. 

Although this couple was Asian and as I understand it as our the majority of the members of this church also Asian, I thought it was ironic to see the dated photographs of important church members featured so prominently when none of them are Asian. I'm sure that if I put my artist hat on at the right angle, I could come up with some kind of cultural statement in an attempt to elevate the prestige of this particular photograph. But since I've always thought that was a silly thing to do to any photograph or piece of art, I'll simply call this a funny observation

Hillcrest Congregational Church is located in La Habra Heights, California. Phone: (562) 947-3755. Website: http://www.hillcrest-church.org. Contact Person: Allison Ferguson.

Location: 2000 West Rd, La Habra Heights, CA 90631.

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