Historic Cottage San Clemente Beach Quirky Family Photo
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Historic Cottage San Clemente Beach Quirky Family Photo

As I was taking family portraits after the wedding ceremony at Historic Cottage at San Clemente State Beach, this happened. To help put this photograph in context, this wedding venue is on a bluff overlooking the Pacific ocean, but it is right next to a large and popular campground. The road seen here provides one of the most direct routes from the campground to the beach. As I was capturing the family photographs, the man featured in the right of this photograph was walking down the road. As you can see, he was relatively incongruous when compared to the rest of the wedding family members. Before this man walked in front of me, he quipped that he should be included in a photograph. Playing along, I replied "Sure!" Thinking that I was serious, he stopped just past the group turned toward the camera, and expected me to take his photograph. Quickly seizing upon this opportunity, I recomposed and captured this image. I think that what makes this photograph funny, is the expression on the bride's face as this random stranger interrupts her special day while the groom and his family continues to look toward me and my camera unfazed.

Given my penchance for irreverent and quirky wedding photography, it's only natural for me to sometimes include unexpected subjects and concepts within my wedding photography. And although there is often a very fine line between quirky and cheesy, I'd like to think that most of my photography tends toward the former rather than the latter. In this situation is a perfect example.

Historic Cottage at San Clemente State Beach is located in San Clemente, California. Phone: (949) 366-8589. Website: http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=24692.

Location: 225 Avenida Califia, San Clemente, CA 92672.

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