Holy Transfiguration Russian Orthodox Church Wedding
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Holy Transfiguration Russian Orthodox Church Wedding

This photograph of a bride at Holy Transfiguration Russian Orthodox Church, was a moment captured in my camera during her wedding ceremony. 

The bride's mother is in the background of this image with her hand raised showing a moment of emotion. For this image, I had photographed a much larger scene in this Los Angeles church. However, when I return to my studio, I realized that there was a true gem once I cropped and tighter to this small part of the scene. When I evaluate the impact of my wedding photography, I always try to look at an image as it will be viewed in 20 years by my clients. For this image, I know that the bride will cherish this photograph forever. I should also mention that this church, the Holy Transfiguration Russian Orthodox Church is an amazing house of worship. The iconography is a feast for the eyes and the traditions set forth here defy my best description.

This photo has received several awards including a Silver Award in the Photojournalism category from the 2015 WPPI Print, Album & Filmmaking Competition. This image has also been recognized with a prestigious Fearless Award from Fearless Photographers, an organization dedicated to recognizing photographers who are pushing the limits of modern wedding photography. Holy Transfiguration Russian Orthodox Church is located in Los Angeles, California.

Location: 5436 Fernwood Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029.

1/60; f/5.6; ISO 2000; 150.0 mm.