Horizontal Triptych of Couple at Padua Hills Theatre
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Horizontal Triptych of Couple at Padua Hills Theatre

These photographs are from the first wedding I photographed at Padua Hills Theatre in Claremont. 

I often enjoy creating triptychs but I think this was the first time that I ever considered creating one that was vertical instead of horizontal. For me, a large part of my photography relates to symmetry. I also like to think that I can reproduce my style of photography at every wedding. Although every event is different, when brides and grooms look at my portfolio and then hire me to photograph their wedding and reception, I'm certain that they would expect that I would be able to deliver a consistent level of photography at every event. And I truly strive to do that. So even though the photographs here in my portfolio are my favorites and represent the best of my work they are truly typical of the kinds of images that someone can expect if they hire me as their wedding photographer.

For this image, I stole the bride and groom away from their reception because the sunset light was so incredibly beautiful. After I took a few photographs taking advantage of that light, I then came up with this idea that created this vertical triptych. Although the light was fading and wasn't particularly interesting in this case, I feel that the interaction of the bridegroom in addition to the wonderful background scenery lens to a strong photograph.

Padua Hills Theatre is located in Claremont, California. Phone: (909) 624-8628. Website: http://www.chantrellescatering.com/.

Location: 4467 Padua Ave, Claremont, CA 91711.

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