Jumping the Broom at Trinity Church of Santa Monica
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Jumping the Broom at Trinity Church of Santa Monica

Trinity Church of Santa Monica is the kind of church that any wedding photographer will love. 

The church interior is painted white and there are plenty of stained-glass windows. This means that the light is beautiful within the church; in fact, I can't recall a single indoor location for wedding ceremonies that is better for photography than this venue. If you have selected this venue, or you are considering Trinity Church as your wedding ceremony location, I can only applaud you.

For the wedding depicted in this photograph the couple decided to incorporate the tradition of jumping the broom. I photograph this tradition several times over the years and it is a difficult sequence to photograph well. From a storytelling perspective, one probably only needs the center photo in this triptych in order to provide meaning and context for the viewer. However I feel that providing all three photographs is a superior option. 

You may notice that the bride and groom in the center photograph are slightly blurry. That is an intentional decision on my part as the photographer, because I believe that it helps further the story by indicating movement. As I was fully aware that this broom jump was going to happen during their ceremony, and given my past experience, I gave the bride and groom very specific recommendations as to how they should proceed with the jump that the jump would look amazing in their photographs. I hope that you'll agree, they certainly achieved that goal

Trinity Church of Santa Monica is located in Santa Monica, California. Phone: (310) 395-9961. Website: http://www.trinitysantamonica.com/.

Location: 1015 California Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403.

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