Jumping Couple at Annenberg Community Beach House
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Jumping Couple at Annenberg Community Beach House

This photograph of a bridegroom jumping on the beach in front of the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica illustrates the joy between them.

In fact, this photo truly represents the idea of "jumping for joy." For those of you who are familiar with Los Angeles, you'll know that I was fairly lucky to have the white puffy clouds in the background. It seems that more often than not, we are only presented with cloudless blue skies — not that I'm complaining.

As you look at this photograph you may be wondering how I was able to get the groom to jump so high, but really it's not that difficult to make happen, even for folks who are not very athletic. If you look at some of the other jumping shots on my website you'll notice that everyone has great height. And when you have multiple people in the photograph, you'll notice that they jump together. I have mastered those kinds of photographs so that when we do them, we can do so quickly, and with amazing results. That being said, some couples may not want to have a jumping photograph during their wedding, and I'm totally fine with that. It's just something fun that I like to do at some events.

Annenberg Community Beach House Photographer

I am an Annenberg Community Beach House wedding photographer with extensive venue and beach experience.

Annenberg Community Beach House Photographer

Wedding Photography

Located at Santa Monica State Beach, the Annenberg Community Beach House includes two wedding event venues including the Pool House, the Event House, and the historic Marion Davies Guest House. And of course the beach is nearby.

All of these options offer wedding photographers like me a virtual playground for beach photography or beach wedding ceremonies.

Location Info

The Annenberg Community Beach House was designed to offer both formal and informal event spaces in Santa Monica. The buildings and landscape create a gateway to the beach for couples, the wedding party, and their guests. Examples of beach wedding photography from one of the first weddings ever photographed at this venue are sprinkled throughout this website.

Beach Weddings

To get to the edge of the ocean, wedding folks can take a short stroll down a boardwalk that provides easy access the deep beach to the and directly to the edge of the water. The end of that boardwalk is a great place to hold a wedding ceremony and makes for an incredibly long wedding processional from the buildings to the edge of the ocean.

Green Ratings

For my wedding clients who are environmentally conscious and who are looking for a venue with an important award, you might find it interesting to note that this venue received a LEED Gold Rating from the US Green Building Council (USGBC).

Venue History

This wedding venue's construction was originally stalled because of City of Santa Monica funding issues, but its ground breaking was eventually made possible by a generous donation from the Annenberg Foundation, a family foundation providing funding and support to nonprofit organizations around the world.

As a wedding photographer who has since photographed weddings at this amazing and beautiful beach venue, I'd like to extend my personal thanks to Wallis Annenberg for his recommendation.

Annenberg Community Beach House is located in Santa Monica, California. Phone: (310) 458-4934. Website: https://www.annenbergbeachhouse.com/.