Laughing Bride Gets Ready with Bridesmaids at Marriott
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Laughing Bride Gets Ready with Bridesmaids at Marriott

When the bride gets ready before her wedding, she is often surrounded by her bridesmaids. 

In the hundreds of weddings photographed, I've seen many dynamics in terms of the relationships between the bride and bridesmaids. I've also witnessed situations where the bridesmaids were reserved, boisterous, happy, angry, shy, and outgoing. And the mood of the wedding party in those situations, can dramatically affect the photography and the outcome that I can produce. As you can see from this image, the bride is having a great time likely because of the crazy and quirky bridesmaids who are helping her get dressed. If I remember correctly, the bridesmaid was responding to my question, "Is everything okay?"

This photograph is different than many of my images in that I am quite close to my subjects here. In most cases on the wedding day, I much more likely to be farther back using a telephoto lens to capture the action so as to ensure that I don't become part of the action. However, on this Saturday morning, for whatever reason, I thought back to someone who I once heard say that in photojournalism, the closer you can get, the more real the images become. And so I stepped quite close when I took this photograph and I really enjoy the resulting image.

Location: 3635 Fashion Way, Torrance, CA 90503.

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