Laughing Bride at Malibu Wedding
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Laughing Bride at Malibu Wedding

There are many wedding locations in Malibu that are simply private homes that the owners rent out occasionally as a venue for couples who are looking for something special and different in a beach city.

However, for this wedding, the bride knew the owner of this incredible estate and he offered to host her celebration. His home is located on the cliffs above Malibu. In addition to his lovely house, he also has an extensive backyard that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

Even though I captured this photograph many years ago, when I was quite new in my career, I still remember the details about how this photo came into being. I remember that the shuttles that were bringing the guests to the property were late — very, very late. And so the bride was waiting upstairs for everyone to arrive. At most weddings I've attended, this wrinkle in the day would have severely impacted the mood in a negative way. However, this bride took things as they came and remained happy and buoyant, even when faced with this admittedly minor adversity. As I stood nearby, I noticed the bride's mother standing nearby in the background. And so I ducked down a bit so I could frame both within my camera viewfinder, and then I cracked some joke that I'm sure must've been pretty funny given the bride's laughter. It's just a simple moment, but it's a reminder of the happiness of the day. This private residence is located in Malibu, California..

Location: 32430 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265.

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