McCormick Home Ranch Wedding Hijinks
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McCormick Home Ranch Wedding Hijinks

Being crazy at McCormick Home Ranch seem to be the order of the day for this fabulous November wedding.

In particular, the groom was quirky and fun and made this event truly a joy to work as a wedding photographer. This Ranch is located in Camarillo and is a working avocado farm that doubles as a wedding location for couples seeking something a little bit different. There's a Ranch House, a huge green barn, and acres of avocado trees. There is also a custom-built wedding ceremony area that is simply lovely.

From the perspective of the wedding photographer, McCormick Home Ranch offers quite a bit in terms of varied locations. In particular, as can be seen in this photograph, I enjoyed the color of the green barn and used it both for the first look and for the wedding party portraits. In terms of the wedding portraits, it was the one area of the property that was large enough to accommodate huge groupings as well as provide beautiful light that made my work quite a bit easier. In terms of the avocado orchard, I was able to walk the couple among the trees and in that area create some truly spectacular portraits.

This photograph doesn't need a lengthy explanation, but as you can see, the groom is holding up his best man. This photograph was not my idea, but rather it was the groom's and in situations like these I'll certainly go right along, adding to the ideas of others to make it my own. Even when I'm sure that the idea will not work well photographically, I'll still try it, and I'll still try to improve upon it, to deliver the best possible photograph.

McCormick Home Ranch is located in Camarillo, California. Phone: (805) 482-1549. Website: Contact Person: Sally McCormick.

Location: 2034 E 5th St, Camarillo, CA 93012.

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