Montecito Wedding Photographer at Sea Ranch House
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Montecito Wedding Photographer at Sea Ranch House

When I first visited the Sea Ranch House in Montecito and scouted the grounds, I noticed an in-ground trampoline. 

If you know my work, and you know my love of a jumping wedding party member, you'll know that I had to take advantage of this opportunity. I will admit that I was somewhat reluctant to put the groom and groomsmen on a trampoline due to the potential danger involved, but I ran it past them all and everyone agreed that it was a great idea. And so I asked each groomsmen including the groom's father to spend 15 seconds on the trampoline. The results was a fun collection of the groom's best friends performing athletic feats while in midair. This photograph of the groom is the one I chose to include because he was perfectly framed between two of his groomsmen and because I am most concerned with symmetry.

The Sea Ranch House is a crazy cool venue that offers many bedrooms, multiple buildings, a large property, and an Olympic size swimming pool that is available for weeklong rentals in Montecito. If you're looking for a property where you can relax and spend a great time with your friends or family, you should look into getting on the list for this venue. Sea Ranch House is located in Montecito, California. Phone: (805) 275-1851. Website:

Location: 1361 Danielson Rd, Montecito, CA 93108.

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