Moorpark Country Club Wedding Photography
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Moorpark Country Club Wedding Photography

This photograph of a Moorpark Country Club first look before a wedding is fairly unusual for my coverage. In most cases, I will ask a bride and groom if they would like to be alone for the first look, with just me and my additional photographer, or if they would prefer with their wedding party or family members or both. Almost invariably, they choose to be alone during the first look, but this case was different. And so for this wedding, because it was raining, we had to do the first look in a very limited space that could accommodate a large wedding party. I also did it a little bit differently in that I left the groom far away from the bride, and then instructed him that he could approach his bride after he turned around. Instead of walking or running toward the bride, he decided to skip toward her eliciting this fabulous response from the wedding party making this Moorpark wedding particularly memorable.

Moorpark Country Club is located in Moorpark, California. Phone: (805) 532-2834. Website: Contact Person: Anna Padilla, (805) 532-2834 x133,

Location: 11800 Championship Dr, Moorpark, CA 93021.

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