Mother Assists Bride Getting Ready at Malibu Wedding
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Mother Assists Bride Getting Ready at Malibu Wedding

This wedding was photographed at a private estate in Malibu, California— the home of the bride's grandmother and grandfather.

This image was captured in the master bedroom and it tells many stories. First of all, the bride's grandmother loves embroidery and quilt making. The framed embroidery on the wall behind the mother of the bride and her daughter, was created by the bride's grandmother. The same can be said for the two quilts sitting on top of the dresser. When I framed this photograph in my viewfinder, the position of those items were intentional because they helped tell a deeper story for my couple. Even without the knowledge of the embroidery or the quilting, the "welcome" message is clear to all viewers.

Although moments like these will sometimes happen spontaneously at weddings, I've found them to be fairly uncommon. However, weddings are such an important part of family, but I'm typically not willing to let an opportunity go by where a family member can spend a special moment with the bride or groom. For this reason, after the bride is dressed, I often encourage the mother of the bride to assist her with a piece of jewelry, typically a necklace or bracelet. If an emotional moment does not naturally happen as she is assisting her, then I will encourage the mother and the daughter to hug each other and put their heads close together. If that doesn't elicit a strong emotional connection, then I will asked them to close their eyes and think for a moment how much they love each other. And if that doesn't work, then I will crack a joke and at the very least see them laughing together in my camera's viewfinder.

Location: Malibu, California.

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