Mother of Bride Watches during Makeup Application
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Mother of Bride Watches during Makeup Application

Before this bride's wedding ceremony at Sacred Heart Chapel at Loyola Marymount, the bride got ready at her family home. In this photograph the mother of the bride stands nearby watching her daughters makeup being applied. This candid storytelling moment is reinforced because the mother's head is framed in the makeup artist's arms. As the mother's face is the brightest point in the photograph, the viewer's eye is automatically directed to that location before the secondary story of the application of makeup is noticed. Before this wedding, I received special instruction to make sure that there were plenty of photographs of the mother of the bride. I tend to never focus on any single family member more than another except in cases where I am specifically instructed to do so. In some cases, that kind of instruction comes to me because someone at the wedding loves to be photographed. On other occasions, it might be because a particular family member is seldom seen at events or is ill. Regardless of the reason, I do my best to honor those requests. Sacred Heart Chapel at Loyola Marymount University is located in Los Angeles, California.

Location: 1 LMU Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90045.

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