Mother Helps Bride with Bracelet before Loyola Wedding
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Mother Helps Bride with Bracelet before Loyola Wedding

Before this bride's wedding at Sacred Heart Chapel at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles she got ready for the big day at her parent's home located nearby.

In this photo, you see the bride's mother helping the bride by putting on her bracelet. I chose this location for this moment because most of the main living areas were cluttered with all of the normal things that you would see in a typical home in Southern California. My style of wedding photography focuses on clean backgrounds and symmetry in the other areas of the home simply did not provide that sort of feeling for me as their photographer. Plantation shutters like those seen in this photograph, are often present in hotels and in some modern homes. I really enjoy using them, because I can control the amount of light entering the scene and I always find the symmetry of the louvers particularly appealing.

Location: 1 LMU Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90045.

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