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Pacific Palms Resort Wedding Photographer

As of this writing, I've only taken a photograph in this particular style once and it was at Pacific Palms Resort in La Puente. Pacific Palms also has an amazing golf course; in fact, is the only course that I've played since I've moved to California. I was once a fairly avid golfer although my skill was very poor. When I moved to Los Angeles and realize how expensive it was to play on nicer courses, I sold my golf clubs and picked up a camera instead. I've made it into a career, but the irony is that when I first started photography as a hobby, the equipment was far more expensive than any golf hobby. Anyway, in regards to this particular photograph, I really would like to try it again at a different location and refine the concept a bit further. I have several ideas on how I can make this kind of photograph really stand out neon even what you see here. As wedding photographers, we are always striving to improve our craft and so when we evaluate our own portfolio, we always find imperfection and we always find things that we can do better the next time we are given a chance. At least that is the way it is for me when I'm looking at my own photographs. I am really happy with my work and so that makes me a glass is half empty kind of guy. But that same perspective drives me to create better images every week since I am never satisfied and always feel that I can do better. Pacific Palms Resort is located in La Puente, California. Phone: (626) 810-4455. Website:

Location: One Industry Hills Pkwy, La Puente, CA 91744.

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