Peaceful Bride Before Riviera Country Club Wedding
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Peaceful Bride Before Riviera Country Club Wedding

When the bride had finished getting ready and was about to see her groom at this Riviera Country Club wedding in Pacific Palisades, I had her pause for a moment in front of this window so that I could take a quiet portrait.

Given her open backed dress, I wanted to make sure that I created an image that showed off that elegance. The white orchids in her bouquet were also an important element that I wanted to include in this wedding photograph. After I had created a traditional portrait of this bride, I quickly sought out a different angle that was perhaps unexpected. There was a nearby wardrobe made of polished wood and so I placed that in the left quadrant of my frame, picking up a faint reflection of the bride in the wood. For this example, I was working in extremely tight conditions, and thus I needed to keep my framing very tight in order to omit distracting elements from this photograph. 

As is probably apparent after viewing my portfolio, I desire clean backgrounds in my images wherever possible so that your focus is always on the item or individual that I think is most important in the scene. Given that the bride chose the Riviera Country Club for her wedding photography, I wanted to make sure that the images I provided were elegant and showed off some of the nicer areas of this wedding venue.Riviera Country Club is an internationally famous golf club found in Pacific Palisades.

Location: 1250 Capri Dr, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272.

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