Perfectly Happy Wedding Couple in Beverly Hills
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Perfectly Happy Wedding Couple in Beverly Hills

Love. It's the thing that makes weddings happen. And it was no different for this Beverly Hills couple.

Genuine smiles in this candid photograph are truly believable. Add to that, the out of focus background featuring Beverly Hills Park, and you have the makings of a powerful picture with impact. Although this image may appear to be completely natural, I must admit that I had some influence in the making. For example, I might have had them stand close together, asking the bride to hug the groom. Then I would have had the groom lean is head over until he was touching the bride's head. It would've been at that point that I would have cracked a joke or said something funny to evoke natural laughter.

You'll often hear the word photojournalism bandied about when people talk about wedding photography. But many people are unaware as to what photojournalism really means. The literal definition of the term is to tell a story through photography. In all wedding photographers do that, regardless of their skill level. Now the stories may not be very coherent, or they may not be complete, but wedding photographers all tell a story. Within our industry, there is a separate group of photographers who label themselves as photojournalists in what they would consider to be the purest sense of the term. Those photographers rarely if ever interact with couples, guests, or families on the wedding day and instead attempt to capture meaningful photographs as they happen when they happen. And that's a perfectly legitimate way to photograph a wedding. However I prefer to stack the deck in my favor and offer limited direction and by doing so increase the quantity of photographs that end up being meaningful for my clients. If I were to depend solely on emotional events happening in my favor, then the number of photographs that I would be able to deliver to my clients that would feature amazing expressions of emotion, would be reduced to the point that I would feel that my coverage was lacking. That being said, there are some points during the day, particularly during the ceremony and the reception that I take a true photojournalist approach and do not influence the happenings around me.

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